Mom wanted to watch a movie for Mother's Day so instead of Thor we went and caught the other movie opening that weekend, Something Borrowed. What we all do for our mothers is not enough. I can only say I experienced 0.01% of the pain of childbirth watching this movie. It was painful and I can't imagine the rest.

First, I can't get over Kate Hudson as a 30 year old. Isn't she older than me? And if she isn't I'm scared.

Next, I hope the book is better with better written characters that are not cliche: the hard charger, the walkover, the long suffering guy pal. I'm hoping that their relationships are fleshed out better. Why stick with that girl? Why did they never hook up? How can those two not be friends?

Third, express not repress your feelings. Say you like the guy. Tell your best friend that you like the guy. Convince yourself that you deserve him. He's only looking at you with sparkly eyes as well. Jeez, get a clue.

Finally, if you're best friends, I want to know why you can't talk to each other?

Jeez, chick-flicks, they get a bad rap, but then a movie like them their deserved reputation.

2 of 5 stars

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