American Hustle is all about the 70s look. Amy Adams's plunging neck lines, Jennifer Lawrences's hair, Bradley Cooper's perm. You'll be too busy being amazed by the costume design to really appreciate the film.

American Hustle purports to tell the tale of the ABSCAM scandal in the late 70s. It was an FBI scam to trick congressman and senators into accepting bribes to make a fake Arab sheik an American citizen.

Amy Adams and Christian Bale play the original con men caught by the FBI and ordered to run the scam. They were small time players, but Bradley Cooper's ambitious FBI agent wants to make a name for himself by going after big fish. The big fish was a Jeremy Renner's simple Jersey mayor looking to help his constituents. He wanted to bring jobs back to Atlantic City helping people -- a good guy? Cooper, a good guy? Bale and Adams good people? Jennifer Lawrence, Bale's wife, not so good as she plays a loud, no class girl who when she finds out about the scam tries to needle her way into the action and when she gets blocked out takes it upon herself to destroy everything.

I think Bale did a fine job at portraying a small time hustler caught in a too large scam hustling his way out of the jam. Cooper was good as well playing the FBI agent looking to go big time. He was out of control. The girls, Adams and Lawrence, did well too with Adams and her cleavage edging out Lawrences's Jersey girl nonsense in the heart of this viewer.

This movie is a Golden Globe nominee for best comedy. While there was a lot to laugh at, I don't think this started out as comedy. It's just that the con men got themselves into laughable situations. This isn't an Adam Sandler film. The funniest part is 'science oven' -- you burned the science oven!

It's a good flick. Maybe better than the rating I'm giving it.

3 of 5 stars.

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