Last week, Santa came. He brought me a new 15" MacBook Pro with Retina Display. And because thanks to IniTech, I got a nice little discount so I upgraded the processor for as much as the base version would've cost. Unfortunately, taxes and shipping brought the total to $2800. Santa, why must you make me pay for the pleasure.

I only just set it up last Friday, two days since I received it. I wanted to move my accounts and files from the old laptop to the new one. It was an adventure. First, I don't have a plain USB cable. I have plenty of USB cables, but they end in either an iPhone plug or a USB mini plug. I also have plenty FireWire cables, but Apple's dropped it in favor of Lightning and USB 3. So, I went to by a USB cable.

Once connected, I couldn't run Migration Assistant correctly. The old laptop needed a newer version in order for the new one to see it. The new one saw the old laptop, but the old one never saw the new one. Migration Assistant just keep searching, searching, and searching. So I tried another tactic: google!

One way to migrate from an older version of OS X to Mavericks was to use a TimeMachine backup. So I plugged in the portable disk and started a TimeMachine backup for the first time. It's not like I never backed up the disk. I did it once, but with SuperDuper!

Finally, I plugged the portable disk to the new laptop, ran Migration Assistant, and voilĂ , I've got all my stuff on the new laptop. Now it's time for cleaning. Do I need any of these files? And does any of these apps run on Mavericks. What's good is that Migration Assistant didn't copy over the newer applications when moving files over. I'm going have to see if any of them work. And replace them with a better version.

So far, I've got it set up to my liking. I really am digging the SSD drive and the 10 second boot time. Why did they make a MacBook Air? This laptop is going to be fun.

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