Heaven Is For Real. For real? For real, real!

Some kid in the heartland of America saw it. It's with angels and everyone you ever loved is there. It's straight out of the Bible.

Amazingly, the kid's father, a preacher, couldn't fathom it. He didn't want to believe his son. He thought he was crazy. He had to reach deep into his faith to finally accept it.

Heaven is for real. For real, real!

I'm not in the target audience of religious movies, so I found it fascinating that the preacher had a crisis of faith. He couldn't believe something so unexplainable. He only accepted it eventually when he thought about it deeply. But did he really? He just concluded that he was going to believe what his son believes.

Science can explain somethings. It can't explain everything. Yet.

Faith doesn't explain anything. It just add hope to life. And sometimes that's just enough to get by.

As I said, I'm not who this movie was for. It was for more religious people. They'll find this a more satisfying movie.

3 of 5 stars.

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