Strange dream this morning. No, not about that girl. Nor the other one. But about a girl. More likely, girls in general.

I was in a golf cart at some golf course with my mom driving. She was driving haphazardly giving no courtesy to the players out on the course. A group on the tee was trying to hit us as we drove. I watched ball after ball come lazily drifting down at us. They were all nice drives.

At one hole, my mom knew one of the players. He asked the usual stuff of me: age, work, married or single. When he found out I was single, he said he I was just right for his daughter.

So, I ended up on a blind date. Which starts off with me waiting at some family restaurant. The waitresses know I was waiting for a girl on a date, so were harassing me in the way women tease men. I ordered a drink.

Next thing I knew, my date was there. We exchange pleasantries and begin to order. I try to order something that doesn't require me to use my hands. No shrimp! Maybe a plate of chicken. We place our order and have another drink. I would need to go use the toilet. I excuse myself, the waitresses giggle, and I head for the bar which was where the toilets were located.

I would run into people making sure that my date went alright. Cousin Bob and Cousin Gigi in her silly floppy hat smoking cigars at the bar. CapitolSwell hanging out. I finish and head back.

She had people there making sure her date went alright. Her dad, her sister, her brother, and her brother's girlfriend who was annoying. She was hysterical that they were going to break up and quickly dashed from the table with the brother giving chase. There was a plant on the table that made it difficult to talk to anyone at the table. I tried to move it with no success.

I'm there at a table waiting for the food to arrive on a blind date with a girl whose family is occupying most of the table. We haven't even begun a discussion.

Then I woke up and wondered why I had such a dream.

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