All that flying out to Wisconsin this summer and back made me hungry for cheese. Pick up a block of it now and then. Truck it home. Make grilled cheese. It's all tasty but sometimes you need something more. Something like cheddar cheese popcorn. Not the white cheddar you find around here, but the bright orange stuff. The stuff of your childhood. The good stuff.

It's easy to get if you fly out through Chicago's O'hare. There are a few kiosks that sell the stuff. I picked up a few bags. This one time, as I transferred through O'hare, I decided to pick up a bag. I only found Garrett's, but I knew there was a Nuts On Clark there, so I searched around for it. It was around the corner. These two brands joined the other bag of popcorn I had brought back from Wisconsin. Right then and there I decided on a taste test.

First up is Seguin's cheddar cheese popcorn. This one was at a disadvantage as the bag had been opened for a couple of days, so it wasn't as fresh as the following two. This one also wasn't popped fresh that day. It was probably packaged a few weeks before I bought it. Of the three, it had the sharpest cheddar taste. It also had the most normal looking of popcorn with a brilliant orange color.

Garrett's cheddar cheese popcorn is a great contender. The popcorn are fluffy and more rounded. The cheese taste is smooth. It's color is a a mellower yellow-tinged orange.

Nuts on Clark's cheddar cheese popcorn is the best of the three. I recommend getting this on your trips through Chicago. It has the same mellow cheese taste as Garrett's, but the popped kernels are slightly bigger and fluffier. I saw that they use Monster Mushroom Popcorn to achieve that awesome size and shape. I'm not sure if Garrett's uses the same, but theirs is a smaller size.

You can't go wrong with any of these. If you can get Seguin's, then get it. If you want Garrett's then want it. I recommend Nuts On Clark's cheddar popcorn.

You should also try the Chicago mix -- cheddar and caramel corn. It's just as good.

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