I didn't write too many posts on this past baseball season. The ones I did write came towards the end of a pretty great season.

I should've written more from the start, but my laziness took over. It even took over at the bitter end with the dreams of postseason glory snuffed out in 4 meek games to the KC Royals.

After the ALCS, I wanted to write something to sum up the feeling of this magical season, but never got around to. I would need more than the terse sentences that this blog has been providing lately. I would need to put the elation and joy at going 14-2 in attendance of Orioles games. It was a lot of winning I saw this year. So much winning 96-66. The Orioles fans were the real winners. Thank you, Orioles!

Anyway, I wanted to post this video of Adam Jones's only highlight from the ALCS, the 2 run bomb to momentarily tie the game. I saw lots of baseball, and this was my favorite moment of the entire season. Yes, being there when Delmon Young won the ALDS game 2 with that double was amazing and unfathomable, but Jones first pitch swinging and clocking this pitch was just surprise summarized. And yet, I knew at that moment when he stepped to the plate, that it was going, going, gone. As soon as he hit the ball, I was up out of my seat and cheering a homerun as others waited for it the clear the left field fence. I knew, but I was still surprised.

And it was over after that. The game, the chance, the season.

I can't wait until next year.


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