A second time on the weekend? Yes, when I am truly bored with nothing to do. This time I went to the Columbia store because it has a better selection. I wonder why that is. Their computer book selection is 1000 times better. So is their manga. Throw it a more interesting cook book section, and it's a wonder why I don't go there often. Twenty-five miles away? O, that's why.

Anywhoo, let's look at what I bought today.

Pragmatic Unit Testing in Java 8 with JUnit. I'm starting to get into Test Driven Development. It's not like I haven't but at work I have a task where it fit right in to do TDD. As I write the code and the tests, I often wonder if I am doing it well. No one else at work has tried it this way. So I need advice and I usually find it in books. This one is the only one on UnitTesting that was at the store. I'm hoping to glean some advice from it and apply it to work.

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