I guess if I blogged this before, then I'll have to blog it again. Once more then...

Before going to the Filipino Festival, I hurried off to the bookstore to use my coupon for Harney & Sons Fresh Brewed Iced Tea. It was two tins for $15. Each tin contained 6 sachets of tea to make 2 quarts or so.

I know, I know. WTF. But I have to use that coupon because I received it. It's like wasting money. Which it totally isn't because it is wasting money if you buy the item anyhow. Do I need iced tea? Not really, but I do like to pretend to. Now I already had a tin of their iced tea, the raspberry flavored one, and I wanted peach and the orange. Unfortunately, they did not have the passion fruit or the pomegranate.

I usually follow the directions on the back. Steep a sachet in 2 quarts of boiling water. Add another couple of quarts to it. Serve it over ice. It's not sweet so I would usually make up some simple syrup and add that in. It's a good summer time brew.

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