Baseball, Brooks, and Broderic

norman rockwell - brooks robinson

Here's where baseball, Orioles, and I start.

Thirty-nine years ago on a blazing, bright Sunday, my family and I caught the 'Brooks Robinson Thanks Brooks Day' at Memorial Stadium. I woke up that Sunday and instead of going to church, we jumped up the station wagon and headed to 33rd Street for a baseball game. It was packed. We ended up in the right field bleachers. I could not understand a thing happening during the ceremony. I thought it was a special day because it was my birthday but it was special because of Brooks Robinson. Thinking back, I'm sure this is why he turned out to be my favorite Oriole.

It is the first time I can associate things with baseball. I'm sure we went to a few games before that day, but this one I clearly remember as baseball. The others were just a game.

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