Is it the weekend? Do I hate being home? Did I end up at the bookstore?

Yes. Yes. Most certainly yes.

I arrived late in the evening, but not late at night, and the bookstore was quiet. There wasn't too many people wandering around. It wasn't empty, but it wasn't filled with people.

I've been going to the bookstores for a long time. Back when the big box bookstores started opening up in the late 19990s and early 2000s, there were a lot of people going. It was a very lively scene. The bookstore cafe would be filled with revelers drinking coffee and having desert. The aisles had people browsing. The register would always be ringing.

Nowadays, it is quiet and only the hard core readers would be there. Is it because of the digital revolution? Is it because millennials don't read books anymore? Is it because big box bookstores are on a decline? I have no idea, but it is like the zombie apocalypse in there. And I am the last survivor.

I Am Hero by Kengo Hanazawa
Halloween card for the niece

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