Rogue One is an excellent tie into the Star Wars Universe. It answers the dumbest question from the first, original movie: why did they build the Death Star with an vulnerability? Because the designer built it in. D'uh!

At least that was answered. Now for the movie itself. It was somewhat disjointed. Like it could've been another 30 to 40 minutes longer to extrapolate some of the plot points. Who and why Saw Gerrera? Why was Andor sad about his work? Why weren't the Jedi temple protectors Jedi themselves? Also, the technology was weird. From thumb drives to crackly holographs to large tape drives, why can't they settle on a particular technology? It's amusing that these questions should arise almost like this craziness was not thought out.

Anyhow, I was expecting Seven Samurai -- recruit a small team to retrieve the plans and die in glory for the Rebellion. It was actually a Dirty Dozen -- send in a force to do the damage. Plus, then it became the opening salvo to the start of the Rebellion offensive. It also finished up at the beginning of the original movie.

4 of 5 stars.

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