I'll take some time to look over my 2017 resolutions to see how well I'm keeping them. I'll try to keep this to every fortnight. Perhaps it will be my new series for blogging this year -- one of my resolutions!


  • Weight about 227.  This may be because of water loss from the start of the year.  It's in a good direction.  I doubt that this is actual.  Let's keep improving here.
  • I think I tweaked my groin doing workouts because it hurts when I raise my leg to put on my pants.  
  • Walks: 3/120
  • Rowing: 1/5 for January.  This may not stay as I think I really fucked up my left elbow.  Perhaps I should see a doctor for that.
  • Started using Seven, the seven minute workout app.  I'm way out of shape as that I can't do this well.  Is a lazy workout better than no workout?
Professional Life
Nothing to see here so far.  Maybe this is a resolution too far?

  • Blogging slightly starting to pick up.  It's not just movie reviews or link of the days!
  • Cooking!  I've been making soups!  Keep this up, although I make my kitchen a mess.
  • Japan.  I bought a book about traveling Japan on rail.
  • Japanese.  I watch a lot of Nogizaka46 variety programs.  Does that count?  No.  I need to carve some time out to study.
It's a start.

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