It's been a few weeks since I saw Wonder Woman. I can't believe I have not wanted to write this review. I need to get on with being the blogger that I know that I am.

Here: good. For a DC movie. That's a low bar. Even Ant Man could step over that one.

I'm a Marvel guy. (Make mine Marvel!) DC comics was never one to catch hold of. There movies in particular are just grim. Sarting with the hyper-real, The Dark Knight, they took a tone that borders too much on realism. It's just men in tights. To imagine the super heroes as something more is too ridiculous. DC's somber tones just put me off. When I give these movies 3 star, they are barely are.

Wonder Woman is less somber a DC movie. There's some joy there especially in the playful romance between Chris Pines' Trevor Barnes and Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman. There's also some grimness as Wonder Woman confronts the world for the first time and sees the horror man has made of things. Overall, there's sun in this film and darkness. But at least they got rid of the grim tone.

I liked it, but this isn't a Marvel movie. You should watch it and decide for yourself.

3 of 5 stars.

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