I entitle interesting links I find while surfing the web, "Links of the Day," because it makes it easier to email links. If I came up with a clever title for each link of the day or as a regular post, then I would have to be able to log into blogger and use their posting functions. Sadly, when at IniTech, I am blocked from social networking sites, so I can't use blogger from work. And that app I bought for iPhone is good, but typing on iPhone is tedious.

Today's link takes you to a maid café in Tokyo. It's a detailed description of the shenanigans that occur as a guest in a maid café. I laughed at some of this, and I cried at some of this. A great point was made that the clients are also being exploited for their need of love and affection. She pointed out that visiting a café is akin to visiting a strip club, but where the latter feeds off your sex drive, a maid café taps into your need for flirty, kawaii (cute) affection.

Now would I visit a maid café if I ever went to Japan? I do sometimes crave some kawaii affection, but like going into a strip club here, I don't think I would enter one. It's just not my cup of tea. I'd be too embarrassed to admit my need for kawaii affection, and the need to spend money on it. Although, I just did.

Anyway, the writer's experience fascinates and scares me. I always wondered what goes down in a maid café. Finding out what happens is the scary part. Does it make me want to go or to stay away?


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