The seed wonders aloud why he blogs. He mutters something about cheese sandwiches and Mac forums, but finds that he doesn't really have anything to add to the conversation that is on the intertubes.

I beg to differ.

Check out this simple list of reasons on why to blog. You'll find some things there that can fit the niche the seed has carved out for himself. Why skimming that list, I know that the seed has shared his expertise on video recording and editing. He's currently updating his list of hotties, so that puts him into engaging a debate with total strangers. And one thing, his blog will always represent him on the intertubes, facebook not withstanding. So it's not completely worthless.

When I look at that list, my main motivation in writing the blog is to create a permanent record of things that are important to me at particular time. I'll let the google hive mind index it which allows me to remember all of it better. Second motivation on the list is that I really enjoy leading my readers to content that I think (and hope) you would like. Why do you think that my number one tag has been the "Link of the Day?"

Not to go all meta on you, but I did start another post about those "Link of the Day" posts and why I do them, but couldn't write about it prosaically. Thanks, seed for this opportunity to write something. Actually, that would be the third reason from that list as to why I blog. I like the art of writing, even when I am so terrible at it.

It is totally worth writing a blog. And twitter, too. But you have to be on it to understand. It ain't 100% junk. It's another form of conversation. Now about facebook.....

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