Today is addition day: 2+9=11! Just noticed. That isn't what today's link is about though.

As yesterday's (or last night's) link took you to the game at which Ferris hooked school, hung out with Cameron and Sloane, masqueraded as Abe Froman, the sausage king of Chicago, and, most importantly, caught a ball at a Cubs-Braves game, today's link goes into the importance of why it was plain awesome of Ferris to catch a day game at Wrigley Field. (Man this sentence is a string of phrases that an editor could fix.)

Baseball's 162 game schedule allows for a couple games a year to occur during a weekday afternoon. If you can do it, skip work or school and go down and support the local nine. It's a very fun way to spend an afternoon. Buy a hot dog. Drink a few beers. Heckle to opponent's left fielder. A bad day at a ball game is so much better than a day in a cubicle.

I did it last year early in the miserable season of 2010. Watched the best game from the centerfield bleacher seats in Camden Yards as the Orioles took on the Mariners. Down several runs, the O's make the move with a Corey Patterson homer. Then they take the lead on Luke Scott's grand slam that barely cleared the wall. Alleged murderer, Alfredo Simon, called on to shut down the M's in the top of the ninth barely gets the save as the final out is recorded at the plate. That's baseball! And that was the most exciting 2010 game under the ill-fated Dave Trembley.

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