Caught the noon showing of Thor in a relatively packed house. It is rare to misjudge people's enthusiasm for a movie. I thought no one was going to watch so I went a couple of minutes before the start. I rolled into the parking lot and found a lot of cars; these must be for the earlier show. They were also for my own show. I had to sit up front.

This is the best Natalie Portman movie so far this year. The god of thunder became the god of love under her gaze.

The story is about redemption and humility. In order to gain the throne, Thor must show that he is deserving. He may rule at war, but is he wise in the ways of ruling? Is he deserving of the throne? Only if he's cast out of Asgard into the mortal world of Midgard can he find his way back.

I sort of dug this version of Thor. It is filled with really good actors for an comic book movie. Stellan Skarsgard, Sir Anthony Hopkins, Renee Russo, and Natalie Portman all bring a weight to this movie that revolves around kingly dealings. A lot better cast that can handle the comic-ness of this all.

3 of 5 stars.

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