Back in August, FXX had run through #everysimpsonsever, a 24-7 marathon of every episode of The Simpsons. It was a brilliant tactic as it got people who had not seen an episode in a long while thinking about The Simpsons again. I was one of those persons. I hadn't watched an episode in a long while perhaps even a decade has passed. But I've returned, because of that marathon. While I missed the first several seasons in the marathon (the best I believe), I caught a few of the latter years. They didn't turn out to be half bad. I found some of them delightful.

Nowadays, you can find me watching The Simpsons when there is nothing on in the evening. I've even caught a couple of the latest season's episodes. And I've been playing that damn Tapped Out game too much.

Where would we be if you had to live in a place of too much Simpsons? Springfield? Nah. Try again.

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