Link of the Day [9.06.16]

There are now 47 Nogis to love.

Nogizaka46 just announced their newest members this past weekend. They found another 12 girls to be the third generation of Nogizaka46.

I'm happy for them. They get to be one of the next faces of Nogizaka46, my favorite idol group. I will support them from here on out.

I'm sad for them. Idoling is a brutal business. They are starting at the bottom as novices. They must go through training in dance, singing, and idol maneuvers before they can be said to be ready. Then they face their fans who will bring their attitudes and prejudices against them.

It took the second generation almost two full years for them to all achieve full membership. Will third generation make it to full fledge membership in a shorter time? I'm not sure I have 2 years to find out...

Anyhow, I'll support them as long as they are Nogizaka46 members. Also, even after.

Support them Japanese people. All of them!

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