Tried my hand at making onigiri, rice balls. It's a simple thing to make -- cooked rice, a savory filling, a piece of seaweed -- formed into a ball.

First the rice. It's a Japanese rice usually sold at the supermarket as sushi rice. You should use this style because it balls up really well. Somewhere I read that using another type of rice like jasmine or Chinese rice won't do, because those types don't ball up well.

Second the filling. Usually there is a filling, if you must know. You could make it without one, but then it won't be as satisfying. I used tuna. Just a scoop.

Finally the seaweed wrapper. It's nori! They come in a package of 10. I won't get anywhere close to using the entire package. It may take me years. I snipped a sheet into 2 small pieces then wrapped the rice balls.

How to shape them? I followed a trick that I read on the net. I used a tea cup and some plastic wrap. I put some plastic wrap on a tea cup then placed some rice on it. I put some filling in and enclosed the rice in my fist. Then shaped it. I shaped it into the traditional triangle. Or at least I thought I did.

One final thing, I used some furakake to add some flavor.

That's my onigiri. I hope you try it too one day.