My love of all things Nogi leads us today to a report from the newish members, 3rd gen. You see they were involved in a stage play called 「3人のプリンツパル」or '3 Principal Members.' Principal, as it is called, involves the members presenting themselves to the audience in the first act. They do a self-introduction and some sketches then some improvisations. Afterwards, the audience votes on which member will be acting in the second half. Finally, there is a third act involving all the members doing a mini-live.

There have been 3 Principals involving the original members. The second generation seems to be the red-headed step child and did not get there own to do. Only a select few of second generation members participated in Principal.

It's a big thing for Nogizaka. I'm happy to hear that they passed through this challenge successfully. That's what today's link reports. Anyhow, if you're curious, then you should click through. Perhaps, run it through Google translate, which I did, in order to read it. That is if you don't read Japanese already.

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