Joining Derek Lee, Mark Reynolds, and JJ Hardy in Camden Yards this upcoming baseball season is BrowserMetrics, your humble narrator. I'm just as excited for the upcoming season as the other guys. I just made the commitment by re-upping my season tickets. I'm almost in the same spot, but now 2 rows closer.


I thought I wanted to be further back in order to catch more foul balls. But then they told me that I could sit two rows closer and all those plans went out the window. Maybe, sitting closer to the ball person will help me increase my chances of receiving a loose ball here and there. Or maybe Nick Markakis can throw one my way.

Now how does this change my predicament of needing someone to come with? And how about when it is three or four people? Darn, I'm wondering if I can keep up as well...

Any takers on games?

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